Monday, July 27, 2009

The No.1 Killer In A Pandemic: Ignorance of Natural Cure

Stay Alive

Hopefully what you've noticed in all this is a very important pattern: If you stay informed, you will stay alive!

The No. 1 killer of people in the next great pandemic will be, without question, ignorance of natural medicine. Those who don't know about these natural anti-virals will literally die of ignorance, while those who understand the incredible healing power of Mother Nature's medicine are far more likely to survive.

But it's about more than survival: It's also about independence. When you use natural medicine to boost your defenses, you are no longer dependent on doctors, hospitals and conventional medicine to provide you with medicine. So instead of being a victim to the military medical establishment (because the military will be involved in the distribution of vaccines, trust me...), you can instead remain independent and self-reliant.

It is this self-reliance that scares the power mongers who run our world. The last thing they want is citizens taking charge of their own health and refusing to function as slaves to Big Pharma.

I hope you found this report informative and valuable. Stay informed and you'll stay alive during the next pandemic.
- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of


Nothing mentioned in this report has been scientifically proven to protect humans from H1N1 Influenza A. Then again, neither has Tamiflu or any vaccine in the world. In fact, nothing in this report will ever be proven effective against any particular viral strain, because doing so would immediately cause these products to be considered "drugs" by the FDA, thereby restricting them from public purchase.

The criminally-operated FDA, of course, continues to insist that all plants are biochemically inert! Any food, plant or natural medicine that has any biological effect whatsoever on the human body is considered illegal by the FDA, and such products are confiscated while the companies that produce them are destroyed by the FDA.

Thus, you won't see the companies mentioned in this report talking about how effective their products are against influenza. That's because they dare not tell you the truth without risking being run out of business by the FDA.

Always consult with a naturopathic physician before using any medicinal product. Exercise caution when using products for the first time, and pay attention to proper dosing recommendations.

Although the information presented in this report is believed to be accurate and true, neither myself, nor NaturalNews, nor its employees or managers shall be held responsible for any typographical errors, inaccuracies or other mistakes in this material. Furthermore, this information is provided AS-IS, with no warranty. The user of this information ASSUMES ALL RISKS from the use or misuse of this information.

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