Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Five Anti-viral Products That Can Save Your Life

Natural Anti-Virals

Now let's get to the good news. The good news is that natural medicine can save your life. If a pandemic strikes, Tamiflu supplies will be tightly controlled. Unless you're an emergency worker or a health care worker, your chances of ever being given Tamiflu are rather slim. Vaccines, of course, will be utterly useless once the influenza virus mutates, so even receiving a vaccine shot offers no protection other than what's available through the placebo effect.

This leaves natural medicine and the world of anti-viral plants.

Due to the mass brainwashing of the public by pro-Pharma health authorities, most people have no awareness whatsoever of the fact that plants manufacture their own anti-viral medicines.

In fact, there's no such thing as a plant that does not contain anti-viral medicine. EVERY plant on our planet manufactures at least one anti-viral medicine in its own cells.

Did you ever wonder why? It's because plants are under constant attack by viruses, too. And if they don't create their own internal mechanisms for dealing with viruses, they will not survive.

This is especially true with plant roots, which are immersed in soil that's rich with both bacteria and viruses. If those roots do not possess anti-viral and anti-bacterial defenses, they will quickly be consumed and destroyed, killing the plant.

Thus, in virtually all plants, the manufacture of anti-viral medicines is the most natural thing in the world. It happens from day one of the plant sprouting, and it continues through the entire life of the plant.

Simply eating grass (or better yet, juicing grass) is, all by itself, an empowered act of medical self treatment. Grass contains anti-viral compounds, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and hundreds of other health-enhancing phytochemicals. (Don't juice grass treated with pesticides, obviously.)

There are other plants, of course, with far greater anti-viral potential than grass. I merely mention this to point out the utter simplicity of finding and consuming anti-viral medicine: If you have a lawn, you have a pharmacy in your yard! (Even better if you have dandelions and other "weeds.")

Wild foods offer the strongest anti-viral medicine. That's a whole different area of expertise, of course, and if you want to learn more about wild foods, I have two sources to suggest:

• Peter Ragnar -

• Daniel Vitalis - (his website is currently sparse, but look for upcoming announcements on seminars and teleconference events from Daniel Vitalis)

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Kamigoroshi said...

I think you've been grossly misinformed on the nature of how antivirals work. Antiviral agents do not boost the immune system, but they target specifically the viruses themselves.

As I explained in my earlier comment, boosting your immune system won't do anything if your body cannot recognise the viral antigens themselves. It's why if you can get sick from a virus, you will get sick from it.

Alternative medicines and therapies work on trying to ease the fears of people as well as their ignorance towards things like this. They don't work on the actual infections themselves. They can alleviate the symptoms, but the only cure is to sit the infection out or take antivirals to speed the recovery time (while still sitting the infection out).

covekitten said...

Wow! Loooong comment you got there. Well said buddy. Guess what? U might be right in someway. In fact I adopted the special report from an email and shared it here cause I thought that might help some people who are suffering from the disease.

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tuckio / tarkeeyo / Barnside Oreo said...

fuck you kamigoroshi !!! natural herbs are the BEST remedies to ALL diseases !!! NATURAL cures !!! just admit u're a fucking MALAY loser who doesn't agree on NATURAL herbs as STATED in your so-called-shitty-asshole-Al-Quran !!!! Fuck Al-Quran !!! Fuck u malays !!!!

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