Monday, July 20, 2009

The Five Things That May Kill You In An Influenza Outbreak

Things That Can Kill You

#1 Thing that can kill you: Arsenic

As revealed in a recent story on NaturalNews, drinking well water contaminated with arsenic greatly increases susceptibility to H1N1 influenza infections. Arsenic is present in the water supply of tens of millions of people across the United States right now (now to mention the citizens of Canada, the UK, Australia and other countries). Low levels of arsenic are even "approved" by the EPA!

#2 Thing that can kill you: Antibiotics

Taking antibiotics before a swine flu infection greatly increases your risk of being killed by swine flu. How do we know that? Because antibiotics wipe out the friendly flora that have been scientifically proven to boost the body's defenses against influenza.

This is why, during any pandemic, doctors must exercise extreme caution when handing out antibiotics. While antibiotics can be extremely helpful during the pneumonia phase of a viral infection (when bacteria invade the lungs), they can be deadly if given to patients too soon (during the pre-pneumonia phase).

In addition, there's the whole concern over antibiotics abuse creating yet more dangerous superbugs in hospitals. Imagine the combination assault of a deadly new strain of the H1N1 influenza virus plus an antibiotic-resistant superbug sweeping through the hospitals of the world...

That's a very dangerous combination indeed!

#3 Thing that can kill you: Lack of sleep

Getting fewer than six hours of sleep each night increases your risk of contracting colds (such as influenza) by a whopping 300 percent! Proofs.

Eight hours of sleep each night will substantially boost your immune function, giving you the metabolic tools you need to fight off potentially deadly influenza infections.

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tuckio / tarkeeyo / Barnside Oreo said...

wow, it seems that it's dangerous for me to get 4 hours of sleep, coz that's what i have when it comes to sleeping. i guess from now onwards i should try to get 6 hours of sleep and more, to prevent flu.

covekitten said...

That's right! 7 would be ideal. :D

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