Thursday, June 4, 2009

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

Just watched an awesome movie recently. I f*cking liked it when Mr.President Lincoln made an incredible clay cameo in Night At The Museum:Battle of the Smithsonian. The 19-foot-tall moving statue humiliates, rendering all the kings and "gods" powerless, especially the Egyptian ruler Kahmunrah. Hank Azaria was amazingly funny, not to mention he's actually the voice guy for Abraham Lincoln, whose statue comes to life, and Rodin’s The Thinker. I don't care how much people criticized the movie, to me...great plot, cool casts, and ultimately, godly message to all mankind.

Kahmunrah threatened to exchange Jedediah's life for a tablet.

Hank Azaria

Good job Hank! You made me lol so much in the cinema like a retard.

Now what strikes a chord on my head is this.

In this scene, Prez.Lincoln told Larry the golden rule of thumb.

Larry tried to create disunity among the baddies by asking "Who's the boss?".

Prez.Lincoln kicked some asses to teach them a lesson.

In a nutshell, the golden message of the movie ain't what's the key to happiness, as in how the story ended with Larry Daley found a real Amelia Earhart look-a-like woman with vagina. It's rather what Abraham Lincoln quoted, the same gimmick Larry used to defeat the enemies.

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

Look at the world we're living in today. No matter where you're from or which country you're living in, where there is multi-racial, multi-skin-color and multi-belief, there is discrimination, racism and biased distinction. Where is the unity among mankind? For the record, in human history there is no implementation of such word as a whole. It's time to cultivate why nations divide. Please don't ask me why, you can ask your grandfather (If he's still alive, otherwise go Bing yourself!). O.o

To end this post, I have an awesome MV to share. A masterpiece by a young composer, rapper, singer:NameWee. Dedicated to all Malaysian, especially the government and Barisan Nasional. =X

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wow !! 4 in 1 post. famous quote by abe, actor + voice over hank azaria, latest microsoft search engine, and song by namewee. impressive !! well done !! *clap hands*

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