Friday, July 24, 2009

More Anti-viral Cure For Protection During A Pandemic

More Anti-Virals

Honorable mention anti-virals

In addition to the top five I've already mentioned on the previous post, there are other antiviral products and nutrients worth mentioning:

• Nascent Iodine - ( - Offers additional protection against infectious disease while supporting your thyroid gland.

• Amazon Herbs - The Amazon Herb Company's numerous products from the Amazon rainforest are also, in their own ways, powerful anti-virals. Even their Zamu juice is a good choice (as it contains Sangre de Drago) for protection against infectious disease. Cat's Claw (Una de Gato) is also a powerful antiviral, and it's available in numerous Amazon Herb products.

• Probiotics - Virtually all probiotics will boost your defenses against infectious disease. Scientific research has even shown that probiotics directly reduce the risk of contracting H1N1 swine flu. You can find probiotics at your local health food store. Read more here:

• Wildcrafted oregano oil - ( or ( - This is a phenomenal wildcrafted oil with too many health benefits to mention here. It's extremely useful as a first aid product, too, and can help your body heal more quickly. (It's also known to be very useful for topically treating spider bites and insect bites.)

A related product, also available from, is called OregaRESP (, which is an extremely potent encapsulated form of oregano oil. (Just open this bottle and inhale, you'll be floored!)

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