Thursday, September 30, 2010

Since I found WLC

I'm like attending a radical Luni-solar Calender Movement!

So my aunt who brought me to Christ has been urging me to sign up for a 6-month fully sponsored bible course which costs a whopping 10 grands (USD3244)! I asked her why there? Because there, she said, you can hear God's voice better. But ever since I found WLC I never had to go to school!

Because never in 18 years of my entire Christian walk had I been taught about THE 7th-DAY SABBATH nor THE CREATOR'S LUNI-SOLAR CALENDER!

Now that I have found the ULTIMATE TRUTH ABOUT THE MARK OF THE CREATOR and HOW TO ACTUALLY NOT TO END UP IN ETERNAL DAMNATION, is it not the Lord who has spoken to me remotely thru WLC? Is it not that I have heard His voice here on the internet at the comfort of my home?

So give me a reason why I should still attend a physical Bible School. Frankly, I think it's a waste of time and money. Bible school nowadays are totally overrated. So many counterfeit, so little truth. Apparently, I'm beginning to see the Mystery Babylon that has seeped into Christian societies, schools and even churches, making many fallen.

By the way, thru WLC website, I'm motivated to read my Bible again. For the very first time in my life I have completed the Old Testament in brief. Moving on to the New. When I say brief that is because I'm reading an illustrated Bible from The Brick Testament. For a beginner, I found the experience very enriching and entertaining. You should try it some time. Then, when I have the whole picture in my mind, start back at one. By His grace, I begin to know the Creator more and more each day.

I even saw Christ in my dream yesterday. He was walking along the lake of Galilee preaching to the multitude that He is The Way, The Truth and Life thru whom only one can go to the Father. He was very good-looking too. ;-)

Overwhelmed with anticipation!

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Lopsided Oreo said...

It would be more awesome if JC can greet u like a rapper ! xD like, "Yo ! Wazzup ?" nah, jz kidding. xD

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