Wednesday, August 5, 2009

If You Never Failed, You Never Lived

We all know what needs to be changed. Many of us come home from work every night frustrated because of it. We don't lack insight, we just lack the courage to do something about it!

But real leaders are different. They'd rather risk criticism and experience failure on the way to success, than remain silent and die on the sidelines. That's what gives others courage to follow them! Most folks have a dream they long to fulfill. They just need somebody to take the first step to show them the way. You can be that somebody!

Without courage we simply accumulate a collection of good ideas and regrets. Most of our missed opportunities would not have been missed had we only been willing to push through our fear and embrace what could be.

All of us feel fear, but here's the difference. Eventually a true leader's need for progress overwhelms his reluctance to take a risk. He can live more easily with the prospects of having tried and failed, than not having tried at all. He knows that failure is an inevitable part of success. He also realises that failure looks and feels completely different in the rear-view mirror than it does when it is staring at you through the windshield. The truth is, while the average person fears stepping out into a new opportunity, the true leader fears missing out on it.

Almost every success stories began with utter failures. Check out this thought provoking short clip. Pick up courage and you shall see breakthroughs in your life!

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tuckio / tarkeeyo / Barnside Oreo said...

Yes, it is absolutely true ! U will learn thru failure. From that, u will live like no one else do. Accept failure and think like a leader, and thou shall be respected as somebody that everyone envy.

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