Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Playing For Change - Meet Street Inspiration, Grandpa Elliott

Remember the tacky old grandpa caught in the inspiring street recording, Stand By Me in New Orleans, Loiusiana? That's Grandpa Elliott.

As the Playing For Change team traveled the world searching for music and inspiration, they found personalities and moments in time that made it clear they were on the right path. One of those moments came early in their travels to New Orleans, LA with Grandpa Elliott.

He has become a great symbol for the soul of music, and has been playing on the streets of New Orleans for over 50 years. His music brought a calm to the city after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, and this live performance of "Fanny Mae" in Jackson Square demonstrates how much soul and emotion one man can have.

Grandpa Elliott can be seen at the corner of Toulouse and Royal Street in the French Quarter, his patented spot for performing. However, on that morning, there was some street construction happening which made it difficult for recording.

So, the team trudged their gear through the streets of the Quarter and found a quiet spot in the famous surroundings of Jackson Square. Slowly people gathered in curiosity and fascination while Grandpa warmed up his voice and before long we were in record and capturing this amazing performance.

Sometimes a song from a street singer is just enough to make us enjoy our day and carry on with life a little better than before. One song at a time.

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