Monday, May 25, 2009

When Your World Crumbles, He Remains Faithful

In life, people fail us.

Just when we're about to deem someone an angel, they turned their backs on us. Right on the face! At the least expected of time. What seems to be once the shelter of happiness are but as haze..I couldn't hold on to it anymore as much as watching it disappear into thin air. Mingled upon my blurry eyes is what I once believed to be real..a pure innocent friendship. Much to my dismay, an enemy called 'jealousy' breached through the line of defense. A sudden stabbing pain gripped my heart. Nothing hurts more than a broken cord of a legitimate soul-tie.

However, nobody is perfect.

I accept everything good or bad as they are.. and the consequences that come by. In the face of dispute, whoever wins, loses still. There is no point in it at all. Sometimes, I think that King Solomon was plain right when he said that life is meaningless, meaningless, and utterly meaningless! Like a chase after the wind...

What can a man truly live on?

At this critical time of despair, I know nobody but one who always lift me up in the face of trauma. There is a song I remember playing on the radio one Sunday morning that instantly drove away the ecclesiastical mode in me. The message is clear. It tells me that when your spouse dumped you for a whore, when your family members misunderstood you, and when your best friend betrayed you for no reason, even the entire world crumbles, He still remains faithful...

Like the sun that rises everyday,
You are so faithful. Dear Lord, You are faithful.
Like the rain that You bring,
And every breath that I breathe,
You are so faithful, Lord.

Like the rose that comes alive every spring,
You are so faithful. Dear Lord, You are faithful.
Like the life that You give,
to every beat of my heart,
You are so faithful, Lord.

I see the cross and the price You had to pay,
I see the blood that washed my sins away.

In the midst of the storm
through the wind and the waves,
You'll still be faithful, You'll still be faithful,
When the stars refuse to shine and time is no more,
You'll still be faithful,
You'll still be faithful, Lord.

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