Friday, May 22, 2009

Proofs That End Time Is Nigh (Part 1)

Six freaking millenniums has swiftly flown by. Have you ever noticed we're living in the seventh? No matter what philosophy you adhere to, seven thousand years are only somewhat seven days in God's eyes. For a thousand years in His sight are but as yesterday when it's past, and as a watch in the night. What's the message behind technology advancement in this waves of adrenalinal haste? If we were to track the timeline all the way backwards, we might just unveil the flat facts about where we're at today.

Did You Know?

What do all these mean to you? Well, this is not a question for shallow-minded people or people who just don't give a fuck when the cookies crumbles, mind you. The next couple of ten years may be the most important of your life. I base this on the fact that you and I are living in a critical millennium. All systems worldwide are breaking down, including ours. The revolutions of the past have now become the convulsions of a terminally ill world system.

Consider the record in history...

In Millennium 1:
human beings appeared on planet earth.

In Millennium 2:
A world-wide flood occurred.

In Millennium 3 (2000 to 1000 B.C.):
Three great historical events occurred:
o A man named Abraham established the national boundaries of his descendants in Israel.
o The Exodus from 430 years of slavery in Egypt led by Moses.
o King David of Israel confirmed that same land as his kingdom forever, under divine mandate.

In Millennium 4 (1000 B.C. to 3 A.D):
The birth of Jesus, descendant of the royal house of David.

In Millennium 5 (from Jesus to 1000 A.D.):
The Christian church was birthed and spread throughout the world.

In Millennium 6:
Israel was rebirth as a nation after 2000 years of extinction.
Islam has emerged as the dominate religion in the Middle East.

In Millennium 7 (2000 A.D - beyond):
We may logically expect a total political and religious restoration beginning in Israel and spreading worldwide.

This is where we are

The ancient principalities and powers of the Middle East are stirring themselves up to gain dominion. The last bargaining chips for power are falling on the table of human government. The question of David's kingdom keeps pushing its way to the top of the list. Human solutions to government are drawing to a close.

Are we close to an end? Let's ponder...

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