Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Magnificent Scoundrels 《情聖》

Hey people! My all time favourite comedy. Enjoy! XD

主演: 周星馳 毛舜筠
Cast: Stephen Chow, Theresa Mo

UPDATES: I just discovered that this movie has been grilled by YouTube today and the uploader's account got suspended. Thank goodness, I have already backed-up part 1 to 5. Keep your chins up, Ima upload the rest of part 6 through 10 ASAFP! Otherwise, here's alternative links where you can try download the full movie:

Part 1/10 ::

Part 2/10 ::
Part 3/10 ::
Part 4/10 ::
Part 5/10 ::

part 6 - 10 pending... XD

3 mackerels:

tarkeeyo said...

the shit only cost few bucks !!! hahahahahahahaha!!!! classic !!!!! xDDDD

tarkeeyo said...

beside, the bed is the modern toilet !!!! that's classic too !!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!! xDD

kitten said...

I can only act as a blind but I can't act like a dog... >__<||

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