Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Keyboard Cat To Take Over The World!

Who would have imagine an innocent furry kitty clad in a blue cute shirt and plays the keyboard is so sexy? That is like saying knitting chicken feathers shits for comfy blankets! This has merely becomes a global sensation on the internet like a pandemic. Once you switch on the TV or internet, you're flooded with Keyboard Cat, Keyboard Cat, Keyboard Cat, and more Keyboard Cats..I know this makes no sense but Keyboard Cat is definitely taking over the world..LOL

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Aweeesome!! MEOOWW!!! Hmm...I can scent the paparazzi flooding its tiny residence, supplying the already fluffy big fat cat with more Friskies and then sign the cat for some Meow Label and then produce its first single and then it will sell like hot cakes all over the world!! Let's roll it baby!! hahahahahaha!! Please do visit the cat owner's place to get some merchandise before they run out! :D

2 mackerels:

amieyalen said...

hahahaha This is cute man... so cute!!! wearing blue shirt cat playing piano... :D

kitten said...

LOL hey you don't get to see that everyday don't you? XD

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