Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Discovering Your Unique Talent

"We are unique creations with talent"

I knew of this girl who is a brilliant artist. She sketched her first three-dimensional stool on a little drawing board when she was three. The teachers described the way she sees her world in depths at a glance, with her perspective mind, clearly portrayed in her illustrations. It took her less than three minutes to get in tuned with the nature, a fully three-dimensional world, to visualise an art. Give her a pencil, and she could draw a lion alive! It's simply amazing to see her do that. It seems totally instantaneous and effortless. She just "sees it". Most artists focus more on the technical aspects of the art, like the perfect axis angling, pivot points , x-y-z coordinates. While all these are of utmost importance, this girl seems to know it without analyzing.

A Stool

Then there was this woman who approached me with a voice sharper than thunder! She can easily overcome any noise disruption that come in her way while she's lecturing people. When we got together for dinner, once she opened her mouth, not even tsunami or earthquake could stop her speech, and everyone had no choice but to hear what she had to say. Don't get me wrong. Not that she forced others to listen, but there is definitely something in her voice that draws spectators, even uninvited crowds.

Yet another man I know is a truly remarkable creator. There is no limit to his inventory and he could build an Eden out of crap yards. He was a highly wanted man in town and now residing at home as a pensioner, scrapping amazing gardens for non-profit-organisations.

Mower Mayhem - Build your own farm

Then we have yet another man who has his fingers in a pie. He who sharpens the cleaver with his bare nails while playing Need For Speed Underground on PS2 is no stranger to me. When you don't know what to eat for lunch, just give him a tinker, place an order and presto! There comes your mouth-watering delicacies served right on your table. Better than eating-out on craps. No charge. (cos it's on your expense anyway, his job is only to cook LOL.) But I can assure you, the food is almost as good as Jamie Oliver's spontaneous kickshaw. Not to mention his famous somersault food-tossing flick on raging fire. Passion produces delicious food. On top of that, he was also given the name "Mr Brownie" for making amazing...well, brownies of course! Duh. Brownies that taste better than any TGIF's, Tony Roma, Italiannies, Kenny Roger's crappy muffin combined. Remember Remy from Ratatouille? That's how awesome he is.

Remy -"I love to cook!" ^^V

Remy - "Just the ingredient I need!"

These people all say the same thing about their remarkable talents..

It’s so easy, it's in my blood.
Well if you look into the world around you, everyone seems to have natural talents of some kind. But many of us share a common mistake. It’s so easy, we tend to undervalue it, assuming anyone could do what we do so well. That is plain wrong. Just as we have unique fingerprints, we each have totally different talents.

I'm talking about unique talents here. Some people got talent in telling jokes, people just can't have enough of them.

Stephen Chow - "Ha wa?" (really?)

Bobby Lee - "Sometimes I do.."

You can be good at many things, but my bet is that you don't recognise your own special talent. It’s so "easy" you assume anyone could do it! Very often, our parents will tell us, "drop the drawing", "get your head in the book" or "you can't earn a living doing that!". Sounds familiar? Since the natural talents are so easy to put down, we tend to forget what we really are good at as we grow up. Life has swallowed our dreams because we are told to do what is CONVENTIONAL, FEASIBLE AND WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE ARE DOING in order to meet both ends instead of chasing after our dreams, discovering our passion and what we really wanted to do.

It ain't smart to turn your back on your special talents, continue doing what you hated to do just for the sake of living. There is always a choice. Seek and you shall find. Note what you do that seems especially easy and natural. This is an indication of a special talent, or the aptitude for developing such a talent. Time flies when you are doing what you're passionate about. The keywords are SATISFACTION and FULFILLMENT.

Jimmy Fallon - "Hmmmmmmm...."

Let's think this. Imagine if you're gonna kill time right now, what would you like to be doing? It might take minutes or even years to discover that, but you've just got to find out someday. In fact, until this moment I still have no clue what my special talent is. I'm like a Jack of all trades, as I already mentioned in my profile. Throughout the years I've been searching for what I really like to do...or good at doing. It seemed that among all half-baked skills I learnt, I'm beginning to scent something special lately, but the answer is yet to emerge.

We are unique creations. We are made to be creative in many ways. And God knows our talents. I reckon it feels amazingly satisfied to discover your special talents and be able to do something we love. Even if it costs us suffering, getting less money or prestige. Aren't living a happy, fulfilling life might be an even greater reward? Have a nice day!

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