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Alternative To Fuel For Tree-Huggers

It doesn't take a scholar to foresee that there will be no relief of fluctuation of gasoline price in the country, if not hiking exponentially. The citizens are basically on a losing streak! For God-knows how long the plague would prolong could only be seen through one very simple factor - Who rules the country. But today I don't have the intention to rant on politics because I'm sick and tired even listening to it every single day on news, let alone rambling about yeah, let's just ponder on the picture on your left for a little while and you'd catch what I meant.

Well, many people are obviously concerned and unsure about what they should do in the future. People can’t afford to continue paying these prices and higher as well as the direct cost it also has on goods in the supermarket. Most people, especially those with families, still need a vehicle for regular day to day tasks and if not that, even just for emergencies.

Many people are showing an interest in alternative fuel vehicles as well as more fuel efficient vehicles that can get you where you need to go with less gas being used but still retaining many of the features that we have come to expect in a vehicle these days. Can you believe that people are even able to make their own biodiesel at home…and it works..

Biofuel Conversion Process

There are a number of options when it comes to fuel efficient vehicles and a number of different variables when it comes to environmental effect of some of the alternative fuel choices. Understanding the origins of each of the main fuels and what the plans are to improve on them and the potential for mass production will help you decide in the future which option is right for you. Renewable energy sources can be replenished in a short period of time.

biodiesel made from soybean oil

Vegetable oils, recycled cooking oil, soybean oil, animal fats, corn
Biodegradable, more lubricating and easy cold starting
Can be blended with conventional diesel
Clean, harmless and eco-friendly
Pleasant smell, low idle noise

powered by cow dung

Breakdown of organic matter, cow dung
Gas automatically separates from the substrates
Cheaper and much simpler
Eco-friendly biofuel
No unpleasant odours.
reduced risk of explosion

Ethanol corn - how natural

Made from sugar cane, maize, barley, hemp, potatoes, sunflower,fruit, corn, grain, wheat, straw, cotton, etc.
Simple manufacturing, cheap and widely available
More mileage, less maintenance
Check out this link on how to produce your own

Electric Car Conversions
As the environmental concerns and impending shortage of conventional fuels increase day by day, more people are looking for other fuel options. If we have sufficient money, we can go for a new hybrid or electric car. But, most of the people are economically uncomfortable or love their present car too much to part with it. In such a scenario, people can opt for other options that can allow them to keep their present car by electric conversion, which will give them the benefits of an electric car.

Spied at the Detroit Auto Show 2009 is the Toyota FT-EV concept, a fully electric commuter car that will be prancing the American streets by 2012. Touted as a BEV (battery-electric vehicle), the FT-EV shares its platform with the iQ urban commuter vehicle. It too will host a lightweight body that seats four passengers; deliver exceptional mileage and sporty outlook. The concept car envisages wooing an urban dweller that needs to drive up to 50 miles to get to work. Along commute that will be pleasure with the Toyota FT-EV Electric Car.

ZAP Alias

The major disadvantage of completely electric car is that you will only be able to drive about a hundred miles before the charge runs out. Also, it is a bit expensive to convert a conventional car to an electrical car. Other disadvantages of electric car are that, batteries have to be recharged every time, limits on driving distances and the lack of power. But without doubt, we can say that electric cars purely eco-friendly.

Nissan Tama Electric Car (1947)

I personally heart the last one. Wish I could take a ride on it soon. Well, in view of the current climate condition and economy instability, going green is definitely the best attempt to store up food and energy. Famine did not only happen in history nor in the wilderness. The climate is telling us something and we should listen attentively. Sometimes, going back to the cretaceous..the world will be a merrier place to live in.

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