Friday, April 17, 2009

You Could Cut Me Up In A Thousand Pieces...And Every Piece Will Say I Love You

Hahax classic line that is!

Here is a real-life-story engraved in one of the world's most famous comic book. The Cross and The Switchblade. Which totally changed my life the moment I touched it. I mean, I'm never a bookworm and stuffs like comics aren't exactly my cup of tea, but this one has captured my heart.

You can download the comic here. PDF format.

It is the true story of a mission that sent David Wilkerson from the tranquil countryside of rural Pennsylvania to the violence of gang warfare in the ghettos of New York. Once there he set about trying to turn the disillusioned youth of the area away from drugs and violence.

Check out the brave man who invented those sweet, heart-wrenching, witty line. Rev. David Wilkerson's the man!

P/S: I'm guilty for not updating this blog for 9857345368325 decades. But here I am right now! Back in ONE piece! YEAH!! XD First of all I'll immigrate some interesting posts from my other hidden treasure site. If ya know what I mean. Then I'll dedicate this blog to stuffs like MMORPGs, games and the sort. So stay tuned. =))

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