Sunday, April 26, 2009

Once Was Lost But Now Am Found

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The Prodigal Son. Who is? Anybody who wants to control his own future. They leave home saying, “Give me.” And if we're fortunate enough to survive our own best thinking, we come back saying, “Forgive me.” They don't get into trouble until they left their father's house. When you have a restless spirit, nothing keeps you happy, and you run around like a rolling stone singing, “I can't get no satisfaction.” Now here's the point. The only reason there are weeds in your garden instead of roses, is because you don't spend enough time working there.

The prodigal son wanted it before he was ready for it. To know if something's good for you, you need to understand where the desire for it came from. Loving parents don't give their kids things because they cry for 'em, they reward 'em for acting responsibly. They know what's age-appropriate. We all know of good, well-intentioned people whose gifts elevated 'em, only to watch 'em devastated because of some undisciplined area in their lives.

The devil's after more than your possessions. He's after your integrity, your self-esteem, your staying power, your purpose. Prodigal, if you don't make a U-turn, you can actually lose your desire for life itself. Like a slow leak in a tyre, you can be going places, yet be only a few steps from the pig-pen. “How will I know when I'm there?” you ask. Listen, if you wanna know where you are, look beside you. Who do you call? Who calls you most? With whom do you hang out with?Look at the Prodigal. From one of the best families in town, penniless, friendless, eating pig swill. Trying to satisfy a legitimate hunger in an illegitimate way! That's why people get into extra-marital affairs, rip off people, or work ourselves to death, sacrificing our families in the process. Now get this. Will all these actions satisfy you? No!

Finally the penny dropped. He came to himself. If someone stops you in the nick of time, that's the God-sent angel. He'll remind you of who you are and where you belong. You'll start seeing the mud you're wallowing in, the false friends, the empty achievements, the people around you who are no happier than you are. If that's where you are right now, you know it's time to go home. Your father is waiting to wipe your slate clean. The table is spread and your seat's reserved. You haven't gone too far.. yet. Tell yourself, “I've changed my mind,” and go back while you still can.

People change when the circumstances become unbearable. Just don't stay away too long.

note: This day marks the 14th year of my late mom's departure. May your soul rest in the sweet arms of Jesus..always in peace.

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Tuckio said...

prodigal? what a word. what is the meaning of that word? mind to explain to me? xD

kitten says ... said...

-.-|| so you aren't even reading the second line. Duh?

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