Sunday, April 19, 2009

Botting Is Finally Legalised In MMORPG!

This is what i promised to share. Good news guys! Do I hear an Amen?

Skeptical but true. Imagine working your ass off 24/7 on 5 jobs, doing house chores, rushing off assignments, following tv drama series, surfing multiple browsers/tabs, checking & replying tons of emails, blogging, cooking, receiving your perverted boyfriends' phone calls, dating, eating dinner, playing MULTIPLE online MMORPGs (haha, sometimes i do) ....and the list goes on.

Life's too precious to waste on just one game that demands your full presence. Especially when you've got to repeat the mass routine duty i mentioned above. Hourly. Daily. Weekly. Periodically. Concurrently you've got a leveling quota to meet and piles of unfinished tasks in the Goddamn quest log. WOw! busy, busy, busy, busy, busy.....

How to keep on leveling without merely dropping a gland of sweat? Say, from dawn till dusk and from dusk till the cock crows thrice the following dawn ..? Like without lifting a finger?


AMEN BROTHER!! *repeat after me*

You shouldn't miss this new concept game called Magic World Online if you're sick and tired getting banned by GM in some shitty-ass games time and over again being caught red-handed. Yes! No fucking GM to ban ya cause ya'll can literally throw shits on their faces and show 'em this new policy! The 1st legal bot MMORPG!

MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *wicked laugh* oops!

Okay let's get down to business.

The botting features are marvelous! They're so detailed oriented, comparable to your mom (or your maid, you rich bastards!) preparing your sunny side up before you even knock off the side of your bed in the wee hour every morning. Or washing, hanging dry and ironing your underwears without you even notice it. Drawing an allegory here of how the MWO BOT plays an important role by supporting your characters throughout the game play.

BOT menu: Nurse

BOT menu: Setup

BOT menu: Skill

BOT menu: Team

That's too cool for school! Now you may go home and sleep while your characters leveling like mad. XD

2 mackerels:

Tuckio said...

Amen !!! Hallelujah !!!! Haha gonna try out this game !!!! finally i can concentrate more on personal things like doing household chores !!!! xD

kitten says ... said...

hahax! I bet. That robot is awwwweeeesome! better than your maid at home lol. Where else to find such gem in the gaming world nowadays? yet! XD

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